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"Look up your score board, tick out the acts of kindness that may have been released over the years." Poet Israel

Bicep in Management By Okundaye Israel

The Bicep in Management

The Bicep in Management is an article designed to cross examine the very essence of business control. 

 Government Vs Company  Policy

It is eminent that structures are put on ground by the state to fast track economic viable successes and leverage on any societal disadvantages including poor corporate attitude under solid statutory or market system. Business and non business organizations do well to setup standard and ethics by coming up with legislative policies for good control or investments procedural purposes. 

The mix between government and company policies lies in between  the birth or security of business standard. Where there are no regulations or business control, ambiguity take lead to the point businesses become corrosive. Thus the dire need for regulatory agencies and control departments in the various business establishments. 
For example, there are government agencies established by statute with the responsibilities to undertake the registration of co…


It's more or less liken to the euphora sustained by hitting the air when your sun shines in the morning.

Poem. The Family Hood By Poet Israel

Poem. Birth or Death? The undefeated Gaul By Poet Israel


Birth or Death? The undefeated Gaul

·The twain were born on earth birth & death.
·Birth comes before death yet death is forefront.
·People celebrate birth & death is rip & weep.
·Birth may be received with joy whereas deaths grip us all in sorrow.
·Births usually kick in huge announcement yet death comes unannounced.
·What happens before birth & death a mystery to all yet birth plus death equals life.
·Lives are born in birth eventually swept away in death.
·Oh birth Oh death! Where art thou cast our dice?

A Glass of Beer By Poet Okundaye Israel

1."The man who fills up his glass cup of beer has many exciting moments or very deep sorrow to conquer."

We are all enslaved and paid a fortunate or an unfortunate coin. What is perceived exciting for one person is rather an unfortunate experience for another.
A glass of beer, a wrap of some high fly substance will suspend the issues on hand but will not eliminate the situation embattled. One can be skydiving on coke just to take off the mind from perturbing troubles. Remember, after the high comes the low bottom.