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Old or New Subscription by Poet Okundaye Israel

 Focus - Old or New Subscription? πŸ”§ Aim - Good Conduct In a New Bottle 22 🍾❤️ Clean the stable, give it the newest of shape. The shape that raises remarkable tides in the people around you.  A new horizon! The one that gives hope, the hope that brings healthy living among people not just in the neighborhood but extended with buzz on LinkedIn community and media all over. In person and online, The thousands of your followers doesn't matter The group's and association that you belong doesn't matter either What matters then?  The way and manner which you relate with those around your network (the big & small tank) speaks volumes and very loud. Which bottle boxed your character in the year outgoing? The one that raises the tides or the one that kills the horizons newly attached to your cycle? In the new year, is it still the same old bizarre litres in a bottle you are speculating?  I think it will be classy if we empty the old bottle for refreshing best behaviour that g
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Breaking The Chain by Poet Okundaye Israel

 Focus - Breaking the Chain. Aim - Victory in sights. Credit - Okundaye Israel  Grapevine - One Quote A Day ( I have a dream) Everyone with his or her battle. The fight you are having may be different from mine, his, hers or ours.  On that battleground, the problem πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Could be landing a dream job. Getting a fast car. Rebuilding a home with devastating blow. A complex case in the court. Building your network which is already wacky. On a sick bed and getting worse. Financial struggle, can't pay the bills. Dissolution of marriage. Dissolution of a company. Debt recovery, can't strike out the long red lines of debtors. Debt settlement, bold red lines on your screen. Struggling between life and death. The struggle maybe a little hard for Desmond but really difficult for Jane.   Your bait is off the hook, you probably now want to let go. Hey!!!! ✔️ Pause for a moment. ✔️ Have a rethink about the odds before you.  ✔️ Mute the pressure all over.  ✔️ Check all your options. Take a

All Is Vanity by Poet Okundaye Israel

Aim - Leave behind a legacy. Grapevine - One Quote A Day (I have a dream) πŸ“™ LinkedIn Handle Facebook Handle Mic 1. 2.. 1. 2.. 3...! 🎀 A world without visible trend will only be reduced to stillborn orbits (i.e limited area of interest, influence or activity). I want you to travel down memory lane with me on the oscillating changes over time with different beautiful events which unfolded. Still, new events are being witnessed. The interesting parts of it all is the fact that change itself is permanent. Gadgets Gone/Going obsoletes. ✔️ Wired land lines / dumb phones  ✔️ Pagers / beepers ✔️ PDA ✔️ Public phone booth  ✔️ Floppy disk ✔️ Compact Cassette tape ✔️ VHS (Video home system) ✔️ Fax machine ✔️ Mini disc player/ Walkman ✔️ Gameboy/ Nintendo 64 ✔️ Typewriter ✔️ Calculators  ✔️ Tube television Other Areas. ✔️ Movies ✔️ Music F Life ..Yes lives! Nothing

Man Crush

Icon - Steve Job. Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.   By : Steve Jobs #innovation #job #jobs Steve Job the one brand that came in several tech. There is a parts of him in every home and businesses today, wether in gadgets or policies. Steve has shown to the world that anyone can be a follower but not everyone makes a golden leader. Leaders should see beyond merely generating revenue. Rather opt to bring in the balance between leading roles and employee allegiance while providing the essential need of consumers. The one who wears the robe and given the mantle of leadership this fine Sunday is not just the other guy but the innovative machine, Steve Job. Congratulations to Steve!🍾🍷 Check Steve's 5 principles of success on YouTube. Okundaye Israel | QuotesBank | WordSmith | ThinkingPen | DeepThink |

Business - Leadership 101 πŸ’ͺπŸ”₯

 Good or Selfless Leader? Which? Do not push or pull anyone off the ladder, it can take just one more. - Okundaye Israel I have come to the realisation that leaders have major access to the remote control that can move up or bring down the success scale of employee/employees in a work environment.  Selfless leaders are miners or value seekers unlike the rest, they become distinct in their approach to value. Value in raw state is tangible when wrapped up in rickety package. Gold is tangible but bagged in rubble. That regular guy that was tagged empty may just be the tank a company needs tomorrow to  store all the energy there is. Good leaders are scarce but the selfless ones are counted among few good men / women.  Most  leaders are big guns in the industry. They give people the theories or approach to end results. On the other hand, the key managers do not stop at dishing out techniques, tools are made available to ensure the relevance of their followers. They often put themselves to


#AMAZING #SCORE #BOARD OF #KINDNESS BY POET ISRAEL "Look up your score board, tick out the acts of kindness that may have been released over the years." Poet Israel